Planet Narnia (VII)

Luna & The Silver Chair

Lady Luna, in light canoe,
By friths and shallows of fretted cloudland
Cruises monthly; with chrism of dews
And drench of dream, a drizzling glamour,
Enchants us--the cheat! changing sometime
A mind to madness, melancholy pale,
Bleached with gazing on her blank count'nance
Orb'd and ageless. In earth's bosom
The shower of her rays, sharp-feathered light
Reaching downward, ripens silver,
Forming and fashioning female brightness,
--Metal maidenlike. Her moist circle
Is nearest earth.

C. S. Lewis, The Planets (1937)

The Silver Chair - the Moon
(The clue is in the title , for the Moon's metal is silver; Rilian and the Headmistress of Experiment House are both described as "lunatic"; the Moon gives rise to doubt - hence the Witch's attempt to persuade the adventurers that the Overworld does not exist.)

The Lunar Type
- Introspective, aloof, timid
- Stubborn, passive, moody
- Nocturnal, detail inclined

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