A Seminal Book

Peter Kreeft writes in the 'Foreword' :

"The Proverbs of Middle-earth is worth reading, for fun as well as for (mental) profit.  Those two are the twin purposes of books: literary critics used to say that a book should ‘please and instruct,’ while an old Arabic proverb says the same thing: ‘Before you shoot the arrow of truth, dip it in honey.’  This book is both a quiver-full of well-pointed arrows, and a large jar of honey.  It is a romp, as well as a thorough and deeply penetrating exploration of its subject."

David, in his Introduction writes :

"And for those, like me, who know that the longer you get to spend in Middle-earth, the better, I hope that this book and its insights scratch a hitherto-unseen itch, and that your future experience of Middle-earth is enriched as a result."

Published by Oloris Publishing today.  DO hope you enjoy it. 

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