The Doppelganger

A strange dichotomy I find
Of mental disputation,
Each time the Betty in my mind
Meets Betty on the station.
At first, while we say how d’you do
And talk about the weather,
I see them side by side, those two
And match them both together.
“Look there and here!” says eye to heart,
“And there – your fancy hid that!
“Admit your memory took her part!
“You rather overdid that!”
Like snow the first one fades away
And melts into the second:
I lose my head and hear it say:
“She’s sweeter than you reckoned!”

Owen Barfield

“The Doppelganger” was published on 3 July 1947 in the New English WeeklyIt is used on the Inklings Weblog by kind permission of the Owen Barfield Literary Estate.

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