Unity in Christ

[Image: Easter Springtide - Vitali Linitsky]

It is at her centre, where her truest children dwell, that each communion is really closest to every other in spirit, if not in doctrine. And this suggests at the centre of each there is something, or a Someone, who against all divergences of belief, all differences of temperament, all memories of mutual persecution, speaks with the same voice.

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity, Preface (1952)

The time is always ripe for a re-union. Divisions between Christians are a sin and a scandal, and Christians ought at all times to be making contributions toward re-union, if it is only by their prayers.

C.S. Lewis, God in the Dock, "Answers to Questions on Christianity" (1st pub. 1944)

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Anonymous said...

Yes ! Unity in Christ is accomplished, when each member of the body of Christ, understands that one is connected to the vine. That vine is Jesus . It starts with myself and understanding that.