35 days to the publication of "The Proverbs of Middle-earth"

Tolkien reflected that Elrond symbolises ‘the ancient wisdom, and his House represents Lore – the preservation in reverent memory of all tradition concerning the good, wise, and beautiful.’ In the person of Elrond, as well as in his children, much of the highest and best of Middle-earth’s history is embodied – the beauty of Melian and Lúthien, the royal kingdoms of Doriath and Gondolin, the valiant courage and faithfulness of Beren and Tuor, and so on. But when he speaks of the ‘many defeats, and many fruitless victories’ he has seen, Elrond reveals the extent to which his wisdom is built not only on the beautiful lessons of history, but also the bitter. The rash pride of his Noldorin forebears, the arrogance of his great-great-grandfather Thingol, the tragic destruction of Gondolin, Menegroth, and the Havens of Sirion: all are just as much the story of Half-elven family tree as its beauty and light.

David Rowe
To be published by Oloris Publishing on 18th November.

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