100 things you never knew about Charles Williams in 100 days (40-31)

Number of days to the launch of 
'Charles Williams: The Third Inkling"
Researched and written by Grevel Lindop

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Day 40
After reading DH Lawrence's 'Kangaroo', Charles Williams planned to write a 'White Column novel' to 'pull DHL & other things all together.'

Day 39
Charles Williams hoped a Royal Chaplain, whom he knew, might persuade King George VI to join the Companions of the Coinherence.

Day 38
Charles Williams first met TS Eliot at a tea party of Lady Ottoline Morrell's - meeting set up by TSE's friend Montgomery Belgion.

Day 37
P'o L'u, centre of evil in Charles Williams's Arthurian poems, is the medieval Chinese name for the seaport of Barus in Sumatra.

Day 36
Charles Williams always 'looked surprised at the Eucharist; would mutter 'Well Well Well!' in evident astonishment at what had taken place.'

Day 35
Charles Williams's Tarot pack still exists, in private hands - but certain cards are missing! http://t.co/jPxRjcz0Ef 

Day 34
A 1918 articlae in GK Chesterton's [New Witness] attacked Charles Williams as 'The Satanist, but its author soon became CW's keenest fan.

Day 33
Charles Williams used to speak of his 1930 near-fatal intussusception as a death: 'my expereince of death'; 'having died once...'

Day 32
CW's [Judgement at Chelmsford] name checks Thaxted whose 'Red' vicar hung the Red Flag in church - "people must be saved in earth as in heaven."

Day 31
Charles Williams asked Phyllis Potter to take on by 'substitution' his anxiety over getting his book on [Witchcraft] written.


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