100 things you never knew about Charles Williams in 100 days (50-41)

Number of days to the launch of 
'Charles Williams: The Third Inkling"
Researched and written by Grevel Lindop

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Day 50
Chloe in novel [Many Dimensions] is portrait of CWs colleague 
& sweetheart Phyllis Jones - he apologised for the name (she disliked 'Chloe'!)

Day 49

In novel [Many Dimensions] Charles Williams killed off his archvillain Sir Giles Tumulty at the special request of girlfriend Phyllis Jones.

Day 48
In [Many Dimensions] Arglay considers ‘wishing himself into the heart of Vesuvius’ with the Stone, to destroy it: anticipates Tolkien's LOTR.

Day 47
Charles Williams wrote his play Judgment at Chelmsford, & visited rehearsals, as 'Peter Stanhope': the actors didn't know who he really was.

Day 46
With girlfriend Phyllis in hospital after riding accident, Charles Williams circled building sunwise to provide magical energy for recovery!

Day 45
Charles Williams gave Phyllis in hospital Wallis Budge’s ‘Amulets & Superstitions’ because it had diagram of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Day 44
The whole correspondence between Charles Williams and Phyllis Jones is in Bodleian Library, closed since 1958 & unseen til very recently.

Day 43
Charles Williams’s father was brought up an atheist and was baptised age 36, only a month before his church wedding in 1884.

Day 42
In 1933 OUP asked Charles Williams to check [The Romantic Agony] by Mario Praz before publication to see if it contained anything indecent.

Day 41
Charles Williams considered writing novel about the Moon & lunar influence - 'Artemis perhaps - cold terrible inhuman influence thrilling us!'


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