100 things you never knew about Charles Williams in 100 days (90-81)

Number of days to the launch of 
'Charles Williams: The Third Inkling"
Researched and written by Grevel Lindop
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Day 90
Charles Williams wrote a series of love poems on themes from Euclidian geometry, including triangles and asymptotes!

Day 89
CW said his boss Humphrey Milford consoled him for literary failure by 'offering me a reputation in the 21st century!'

Day 88
During World War 2 Graham Greene at the Ministry of Information commissioned CW to write a pamphlet on to help the war effort.

Day 87
Charles Williams disliked Oxford, and thought it 'though nice, still a kind of of London!' 

Day 86
   Christopher Lee knew Charles Williams and came to his lectures; 60+ yrs later he would play Saruman in Lord of the Rings movies.

Day 85
  CW gave CS Lewis's the title [The Allegory of Love] - CSL wanted to call it TheHouseOfBusiraneAnEssayOnTheEroticAllegoryOfTheMiddleAges !

Day 84
In the 1930s Charles Williams was a close friend of the novelist and opium-addict Mary Butts, author of Ashe of Rings & Armed With Madness.

Day 83
CWs was part of a series called I Believe: Mary Butts was to write a companion but never did.

Day 82
In 1939, Charles Williams said that T.S. Eliot was 'the only male love of my life since [D.H.S.] Nicholson died.'

Day 81
In autumn 1939 Charles Williams used to bring colleague Gerry Hopkins to Inklings meetings. Hopkins has never been listed as a minor Inkling.


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