Lecture in Pusey House

My Charles Williams speech last Sunday went off very well indeed.  I was a little nervous about addressing an audience of Oxford undergraduates, expecting them to be hypercritical; but I needn't have worried.  I never had such a good audience, light as Viennese pastry, in contrast to those lumps of soggy dough I used to handle in New York.  They got all my jokes, even the hints of jokes, instantly, and roared aloud; instead of sitting back and waiting to be amused or edified, they came all the way to meet me.  Jack and the Principal of Pusey House were very complimentary afterward.  I'm all the more pleased as I was taking a bit of a chance — I attacked Manichaeism and prudery in the Church.  Nobody liked it better than the parsons!  I suspect I wronged the C.of E. in my last letter; it isn't as bad as its bishops.

Joy Davidman - Out of My Bone
Letter to William Gresham - 29th February 1956
Eerdmans (2009)

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