The Hunt for Gollum

OK, I know that fan movies are not exactly the real purpose of this weblog, but sometimes exceptions have to be made. The Hunt for Gollum was released (internet only) in May 2009, and must be seen to be believed. Made by fans for fans of LotR, it is quite astounding that its total budget was £3,000. A triumph!

This how one reviewer put it:

The Hunt for Gollum is testament to what can be accomplished with a good idea, a good story, and a bunch of people who believe in something enough to work on it for free. Any Lord of the Rings fan should go to the film's website and take a look. This isn't merely a good film for its budget; it's a good film, period.

And for another visit into Tolkien’s world, very soon we will be able to see Born of Hope:
1st December is the internet release date for the epic fan movie. The hour long film shows the struggle of Aragorn's parents, and from the trailers it will be one amazing ride into the history of Middle Earth. You can find information about it here:

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