The Good News...

According to J.R.R. Tolkien
“I would venture to say that approaching the Christian Story... it has long been my feeling (a joyous feeling) that God redeemed the corrupt making-creatures, men, in a way fitting to this aspect, as to others, of their strange nature. The Gospels contain a fairy-story, or a story of a larger kind which embraces all the essence of fairy-stories... But this story has entered History and the primary world; the desires and inspiration of sub-creation has been raised to the fulfilment of Creation.”

Tolkien Reader, page 71-72

According to Dorothy Sayers
“Jesus Christ is unique – unique among gods and men. There have been incarnate gods a-plenty, and slain-and-resurrected gods not a few; but He is the only God who had a date in history.”

The Man Born to be King, page 20

According to Jack Lewis
“The heart of Christianity is a myth which is also a fact... It happens – at a particular date, in a particular place, followed by definable historical consequences... By becoming fact it does not cease to be myth; that is the miracle.”

God in the Dock, page 66-67

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Pilot Mom said...

It truly is Good News, isn't it, Roger? The very best Good News possible! I am always humbled when I think about how the Lord, Almighty God, desires a relationship with me! And, then, I am always overcome with gratitude that I am able to fellowship with Him. Blessings to you today! Claire