Bors to Elayne (Kings Coins - III)

Taliessin's look darkened; his hand shook
while he touched the dragons; he said 'We had a good thought.
Sir, if you made verse you would doubt symbols.
I am afraid of the little loosed dragons.
When the means are autonomous, they are deadly; when words
escape from verse they hurry to rape souls;
when sensation slips from intellect, expect the tyrant;
the brood of carriers levels the good they carry.
We have taught our images to be free; are we glad?
are we glad to have brought convenient heresy to Logres?'

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Joe Fremer said...

Hello! I am another fan. Tell me, what are your thoughts on the "convenient heresy"? Lewis identified the "limitary heresiarchs" as Nestorianism and Gnosticism, but that was in the Prelude to Region Of The Summer Stars, about balking theologians who didn't completely go over to orthodoxy in Byzantium's growth spurt. I would appreciate your insights.