Grief being better than estrangement

I think what you say about 'grief being better than estrangement' is very true.  I am sorry you should have had this grief but, as you describe it, one can't be sorry for the call.

I also have become much acquainted with grief now through the death of my great friend Charles Williams, my friend of friends, the comforter of all our little set, the most angelic.  The odd thing is that his death has made my faith ten tunes stronger than it was a week ago.  And I find all that talk about 'feeling he is closer to us than before' isn't just talk.  It's, just what it does feel like - I can't put it into words.

One seems at moments to be living in a new world.  Lots, lots of pain but not a particle of depression or resentment.

By the bye I've finished a selection from Geo. Macdonald (365 extracts) which will come out about Xmas: wd. you (or not) care to have it dedicated to you? I feel it is rather yours by right as you got more out of him than anyone else to whom I introduced his books.  Just let me know.

And why should you assume I'm too occupied to see you?  Friday mornings in term are bad, but alright in Vac: and Friday afternoons in both.  I shd. like a visit (with a week's notice) whenever you find one convenient.

Excuse this paper.  It may be less blotched than yours but yours did,at least begin life as a real piece of note paper!  I'm so glad Dan has got his job made permanent.


Collected Letters (Volume II)
From the Letter to Mary Neylan – 20th May 1945

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