Talking of Americans...

Talking of Americans, we have just had a ‘pen friend’(*) of long standing from New York (state not city) stopping with us; she belongs to the small income group, and is delightful – a rolling stone, authoress, journalist, housewife and mother, and has been ‘doing’ England in a way which few Americans must have done before. Last time I heard from her, she had been at a Cockney wedding in the East End of London, where the guests slept on the kitchen floor after the festivities! She comes back to us next week before sailing for America, and we look forward to hearing her experiences. She ran out of money a little while ago, but had apparently supported herself quite comfortably by giving treatment in ‘dianetics’ (whatever that may be).

C.S. Lewis – Collected Letters [Volume III) page 260-261

(*) The pen friend was, of course, Joy Gresham.

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That is hillarious!